Games to Play

Hot Shots Game

Players Needed - 1 or more

How the game is played

  • Player(s) get 10 putts from 2’ or more
  • The total high points scored from the 10 putts wins
    • 1 point for getting into the cup only
    • 2 points for making into the basket
    • 3 points for making a side shot into the basket
  • Bonus Shot
    • The back of the cup has a small opening. To earn 1 bonus point golfer must putt from no more than 3 feet and make it into the opening.

Traditional “Horse” Game

Players Needed - 2 or more

How Game is Played (same as basketball version)

  • Player One Putts from any distance and must call either “in the cup or In the hoop”
  • Players two must try and repeat Players One’s shot if he makes it or get’s to choose his own putt/shot if Player One misses.
  • Any missed shot following a made shot results in a letter until the word “Horse” is spelled out.


2 or more Players needed

How The Game is Played

  • Player 1 putts and tries to make a basket from any distance or side. He/she must make a basket before Player 2 makes a basket. If player one makes their first basket they try and make a second basket prior to player 2 making their first basket. If Player one misses and Player 2 makes a basket before Player 1 makes their first basket player 2 wins. Player 1 or Player 2 must make two baskets in a row prior to the other player making one. Any combination of either player making two baskets in a row that player wins.
  • All Players putt at the same time except for the start of the game where Player 1 is the first to putt.

Long Shots

2 or more Players needed

How The Game is Played

  • Player one selects a distance and attempts a put. If Player 1 makes that shot/putt they stand where they attempted the putt. Then Player 2 attempts an equal distance putt to stay in the game or goes for a longer putt to force Player 1 to attempt that new distance. A player wins

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